Our Services

Our services extend beyond soft-gel encapsulation and include innovation, formulation development, product development, regulatory support, analytical and stability testing. On top of the soft-gel manufacturing process, weadditionally work with our clients on branding, range review, and packaging.

Through insight studies and drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we can help you to understand your market and connect with your consumers. Our dedicated team can help to further optimize your product offering through range reviews and comparison studies.

We also consider the most about delivering finished goods within a time line.This allows you to satisfy your consumer needs and take advantage of market conditions that require a quick and timely order process.

We are committed to helping customers effectively communicate the benefits of our products and be a reputable source of information.In order to provide excellent customer service, we seek a core understanding of our clients’ and ultimately their customers’ needs —the factors that define a value for them and inform us on how we meet their needs and exceed their expectations.