Our Quality

NEVADA NUTRA TECH, LLC.is devoted to the continual improvement and refinement of our quality systems. With the demands of more complex and novel products coupled with increasing regulatory and compliance needs, the company has set the bar in the dietary supplement industry. Our full-service QC Lab analyzes purity and consistency throughout the development and manufacturing process—from the arrival of the raw materials to the completion. Our QA technicians work effectively with the production team throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our quality team actively drives to remain on the leading edge of our industry’s quality initiative to ensure each product is precise potent, and consistent.
We recognize that quality is the result of the combined effects of the premises, equipment, materials, procedures and personnel involved both directly and indirectly in the manufacturing process.

  • Robust quality systems to support all aspects of manufacturing operations and processes.
  • In-house laboratory testing for every incoming materials and finished products.
  • Registered with the U.S. FDA and inspected by the FDA for the manufacture of dietary supplements in accordance with 21CFR111.
  • BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) certified.